Welcome to a Better World!

Planetstove is a social enterprise which provides carbon negative, smokeless cook stoves to remote regions across South-East Asia.

Biochar cook stoves are a relatively easy solution to three of the biggest problems faced by planet earth and its people.

HEALTH: 2 million women and children die each year due to air pollution from indoor fires. Over a 20 year period it is possible that a life might be saved for every 15 biochar stoves used. These stoves produce almost no smoke, therefore greatly reducing the likelihood of heart and respiratory disease, as well as eye disease. In addition the reduced smoke means that kitchens will remain clean!

FINANCIAL: Our biochar stoves are much more efficient than a regular fire or stove. The user needs to buy or collect 1/3  less wood than before. Our stove heats biomass (wood) without oxygen thereby creating biochar (charcoal). This charcoal can be used for cooking or for heat but it also can be sold. This means that a substantial extra income can be gained by just cooking family meals. Alternately the biochar can be added to soil and animal feed to improve food security.

ENVIRONMENTAL: Our biochar stoves help slow climate change in 4 ways.

1: By reducing the amount of wood that needs to be cut for cooking.

2: By reducing soot which is  responsible for 5% to 10% of man-made warming.

3: Biochar is 70% carbon. When it is buried in the soil the carbon remains there for over a thousand years.  Biochar is the cheapest form of carbon sequestration  (removing carbon out of the atmosphere).

4:  Biochar is also an excellent soil enhancer. It deacidifies soil, helps retain moisture, reduces flooding and keeps nutrients from leaching. This improvement in the soil results in greater plant growth which in turn removes more carbon from the atmosphere.